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Welcome to

Illuminating Your Path to a Balanced Life

Welcome to Our purpose is to bring a light to your path on the road to a happier, fulfilled and balanced life.

Everyone experiences challenges sometimes. Life can be confusing and full of ups and downs with multiple paths from which to choose. You may think you have exhausted all possibilities but all the answers lie dormant inside of you.  That's when you need a DaylightTraining Life Coach to help illuminate your way so you can let your own light shine and be your authentic self. If you are in a crossroads of life or in need of a catalyst to get back on track, contact us or give us a call to discover new possibilities for your life, relationships, career, health, and overall well-being.


Learn the 6 Principles to Reset Your Life


Based on his best selling book Unbreakable, Sifu Romain will take you through the coaching exercises and the 6 principles to reset your life found in the book.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and are looking to develop the inner-strength to move forward, then this workshop is for you.

In the workshop, you'll discover how to:

  • Implement the Six principles to reset your life and become unbreakable

  • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • Develop greater self-confidence

Through allegories, personal stories, questions and coaching exercises, Sifu Romain will take you on a journey that will create the shift needed for transformation.

"Becoming Unbreakable is about developing the right perspective, being able to recognize when you need to reset, and knowing how to pick yourself up and live again".
- Unbreakable Book by Sifu Romain


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Finding Balance Retreat


April 2019


Does this sound like you?

You wake up at seven o'clock, take a shower, rush through breakfast, if you have breakfast at all, and head into work. Ten hours later you log off, sit in rush hour traffic, barely keeping your eyes open, and eventually make it home. You sit on the couch for a few minutes, mindlessly watching TV, as you grab some dinner. You brush your teeth, go to bed and wait for your alarm. Is this you?

You can't wait for the weekend ...missing 80% of your life for the 20%. If this sounds like you, then you need our FINDING BALANCE RETREAT
. We know it's hard to disconnect from technology, take time off, and just stop the madness. Coming to this retreat will transform your life.

Experience life balance at this 3 day retreat at a beautiful location, where the rooms and meals are all included. You will learn to:

* release tension
 * increase your energy,
 * and discover your authentic self

              All while achieving balance in the most important areas in your life. 

Watch the "Finding Balance Retreat"  video below and learn more about what you will experience.     For more information call today 201-888-2122





The Daylight Balance Workshop brought me to a level of mental clarity from which I became aware of what actions are possible toward removing obstacles that stand in the way of success in health, career and personal relationships.    I felt present in every aspect of my life and very clear about which issues needed to be addressed right away and which needed better preparation. It was life changing on many levels.

Sifu Romain is a gifted teacher who opens his students' minds to possibilities.  This is why I invited him to teach at my Opera Academy in Sweden!  The Daylight Balance Workshop originated at the Opera Academy and in fact became its centerpiece! The Balance Workshop is applicable to any circumstance.  I feel very fortunate to have had this experience and I incorporate the principles fully in my teaching and in my life.   

Jean-Ronald LaFond

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