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The DaylightTraining's Finding Balance workshop helped me access inner  peace and calmness, not just from physical stress and tension, but also from the mental and emotional "noise" that often fill my average day.  Sifu Romain and Lauren Sage provide unique, effective and engaging methods that are on point and truly make sense. Armed with mental clarity and a fresher view of my reality, I've been able to tweak certain areas of my life that resulted in more positive and fulfilling experiences. If you feel unbalanced in your life or if you need a clear path to start all over, this is the workshop or you.

M. Cajucom


This training was very special, It helped me to overcome the fears that I struggle to overcome. Sifu and Saloua are very professional and powerful coaches.

Marisol Carrere


An amazing, engaging interplay of the physical emotional and spiritual aspect of our being to energize our real self

Dr. Gerald Surya


Trying to tough out the problems in my life did not go too well.  I was dealing with them, but I was not resolving anything. I had fears and doubts which were eating at me. Finding Balance helped and guided me in sorting out what was truly, emotionally, and deeply stressing me.  With Daylightrainings help, the tightness in my chest dissipated.  I felt so much relief.  I wake up and go to bed with a glow of hope and the warmth of love. 

Thank you.

R. Ng


The finding balance seminar led by Sifu Romain, was a valuable tool for empowerment in my personal and professional life. Through guided activities, visual aids, Tai-Chi and Chi Gong exercises, I was able to

connect with my deepest emotions regarding the relationship in my life.It was a truly exeptional experience.
Sandeepa Surya


Thank you for a special day of personal development, Sifu you are an extraordinary person, leader, trainer. Thank you for your gifts of TaiChi, ChGong, Breakinging free of my limits and empowered to move forward once again, your oldest unstoppable participant. 

Carol Nack


Sifu Romain’s Illuminating the Path to Balance seminar opened my eyes in a lot of ways. It began with a series of meditative exercises that were more challenging than I expected, yet took me deeper into an awareness of my internal energy and the energy of those around me. As the exercises went deeper, the noise of my thoughts began to fade away and I was able to broaden my vision beyond the tangible world around me and experience thoughts and ideas I had never experienced before. In the next part of the seminar, we applied this greater sensitivity to people who have had an influence on our lives and I was able to gain insight and compassion for those who had influenced me. Finally, we worked with partners to enhance our mutual sensitivity through a variety of challenging exercises. I’ve now done Sifu Romain’s workshop three times and I’ve benefited more deeply from it each time.


—Randy W.


I had no idea how refreshing this course would be. I had so many revealtors about how I was holding back and giving into fear. Most of all, with each exercise I realized that there is no legitimate reason to not allow my dreams and be successful
M. Martin


The Daylight Training Finding Balance Workshop provided by Sifu Romain at the Härnösand Summer Opera Academy was a life changing experience.  The physical and mental work we did helped me to find a deeper and calmer place in myself.  I learned that the first step of reaching any goal in life is to face yourself with honesty.  The workshop and the private coaching’s with Sifu helped me to clear up issues that causes energy leaks and stress. I am more focused and more calm both in my private life as in the way I approach my career as an opera singer.  I’ve learned (and I am still learning) about honesty, focus, concentration, breath and discipline both in living as in performance.  I am deeply moved by the lessons and the experiences I’ve had. Thank you!


Esther V

Sifu Romain is such an inspiration in my life.  His program Finding Balance by Daylight Training has helped me make a magnificent shift in my life. Sifu's teachings have really taught me the true fundamentals of how to walk in my purpose by using the power of I AM. This has given me an entire new perspective in which I use daily. Not only are his teachings empowering, but they are truly life changing!  By applying them to my daily life I leap with a new confidence and clarity that I did not have before.  I can not thank you enough Sifu!  I AM... Forever Grateful!  God Bless You Always!
Jacqui Phillips





I wish to extend a warm thank you and acknowledgement to Sifu Karl Romain for helping me save my business.


I started working with Mr. Romain several months ago when I found myself engaging in the thought of having to close my Martial Arts school.  I started my school not as a business but more as a hobby, a place where my family and I could train and have fun, never as a self sustaining business that should be profitable.


In February I lost my stable income and realized that my school needed to be profitable because I could not continue to fund the school as needed I turned to Sifu Karl Romain’s valuable advice and consulting.


Through the months that we have worked together Sifu Karl Romain and been a blessing in so many ways. He has helped me see myself as the owner and master of the school and through his wisdom I have gained the confidence in myself to bring the school into profitability.  I have made several much needed changes and I am proud and content with the results that I am now getting.  


I have realized that being a Martial Arts school owner is a process that needs to learned and practiced and developed.  There is a system to success.  We all have the capacity to replicate success if we find a Master able and willing to teach us.


Mr. C Diaz


When I first embarked on this journey, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that I was ready for a change. I had come to place in my life where I realized that I was existing, rather than living. Caught up in the rat race, I couldn't remember the last time I’d come up for air. A friend of mine told me about Sifu, she’d had success and suggested that I work with him. So, I bravely rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath and jumped in. Sifu is straightforward, honest, and so insightful. He’s makes it easy to confide in and doesn’t pass judgements or criticize. He earnestly seeks to help you uncover your truth. It has been work but I have been completely satisfied. If change is what you desire and if you are ready to go through the process, it is well worth it. The work that he does with you is completely transformative.


Christina, Nanuet NY



To Whom It May Concern:


 I am currently going through a divorce and needless to say, over the past several months,

I have needed an “ear to listen to me and a shoulder to lean”.  Sometimes it was just so I could vent and other times I needed advice. Plain and simple… Sifu Karl Romain is the closest thing to an angel walking on this earth and, if you knew me personally, you would understand that I do not say this lightly.  His listened to both my heart and soul and well as my rationale for the reasons

I felt the situation was as it was.   I  felt he could truly feel my pain and more importantly, wanted to help me get through this with a positive result.  He became my champion for getting through the rough times with his words of true encouragement and inspiration.  I knew I could call him day or night . 


He was never judgmental.   He was always there for me.    I don’t believe there are many people out there with such a kind soul and a loving heart.   I can’t express my appreciation enough for him being there as someone I could TRUST when I needed it the most.  He is so easy to talk to and very down to earth.  His guidance brought me back to the person I knew I was and could be. 

Someone with confidence to face the future and the ability and wisdom to know that there are many paths ahead of me and they are looking brighter and brighter with each passing day.  Sometimes things are out of our control and we have to accept the reality of the situation.  Sifu helped me realize that the future is ours to mold and take a hold off and it can be a wonderful place full of opportunity and new paths and goals.

 I don’t think I will ever be able to THANK him enough for all that he has done for me.




Susan Christiano




"Sifu Romain Inspires you to take action. In our very first call itself, he challenged me to test my limits and set a difficult timeline. And the best part..I achieved it. He shares valuable insights on the topic being discussed. He has a way to charm his audience with optimism and lead them well. He has the ability to look at a situation from various different angles and analyse it well. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained from our coaching calls. I look forward to keen insights from Sifu in future as well. All the best! 

- Akanksha, India "



I cannot recommend Karl Romain enough. In the first session alone he made a huge impact. His ability to see beyond my scattered thoughts and to help me focus on the true issues has been invaluable. He listens without judgement and always makes me feel safe. Every time we talk I feel more empowered to face the challenges in my life. My only regret is I didn't find Karl sooner!


L. Drew




Karl is a very insightful coach with a lot of knowledge and experience. He is always willing to spend the extra time even when not in sessions to answer any questions you have, which shows that he really cares. Before working with Karl I struggled to get clients and was charging low fees. After working with Karl, within the first month, I got my highest paying client on my regular program and I learned how to speak about what I do when talking to others, which helped me get another client.

- Dan, Life Coach, New York

I had the honor of coaching with Karl Romain. His precise modeling technique and ability to influence immediate learning was amazing. Within a short period of time, I felt confident and able to improve key skills in making my coaching practice successful. He is professional, direct, and very personable. Any coach who wants to generate more clients, improve building their coaching practice, and increase overall success in the coaching industry should work with Karl. I believe his services are worth the investment!

D. Reid- Life Coach
My decision to seek a life coach was triggered by difficult personal and professional circumstances.  I found myself at a crossroads in both areas of my life.  Sifu helped me navigate those crossroads and understand how to structure my priorities in a way that I am now able to meet my short-term goals on a consistent basis.  Additionally, he coached me through specific situations that I was struggling to understand.  Due to his coaching, I found myself better prepared to succeed.  He is a wonderful coach and a great hire.
- Charles Little, CFA
Karl Romain was able to quickly capture some essential facets of my life. With his friendly and open approach he showed me new perspectives and invited me to take action. I was able to integrate and it has helped me move forward in my life and business. Karl Romain has a golden mixture of a warm carrying heart and a clear and edginess to help you realize changes. 
Fenneke, coach



Relationship Builder Testimonials:



This seminar opened door to my being to see the value I have and the areas in my life I need to change. -Jonathan Lane

After the session I felt like I have done a lot in my life that I never forgave myself for but I finally did. -Ebony Rhodes

Sifu + team, your lights continue to guide us all to our light, can’t wait to
see what the world look like when we all shine together! -Sincerely Lillian Trujillo

Loved the seminar, got in touch with myself with honesty. Forgiveness
section was amazing, opened up my eyes to go to those people and talk to them -Carol Froelich

Thanks Sifu for coaching and for being the person who opened my heart to my significance -Jorge Alejandro Culler

Sifu and team, thank you so much for sharing with us your gifts, Thank
you for an amazing seminar where I can work and feel more secure about myself and what I want to create in my relationships and specially now with my new family. Thank you for all the tools. What I know will make a huge difference raising my baby. Thank you -L Cuellar

This event exceeded my expectations. All the information was very
simple yet very powerful and deep. It helped me discover and know myself better and felt the love in the present moment -Sergio Tepi

I took one more step towards the love I want to experience and life I
deserve to have . I have learnt more about myself and my progress. Im so grateful for this workshop for opening me up and showing me parts of myself. I appreciate it, I got to let go of hurt. Thank you! -Jesani Drew

It was such a great experience , seeing everyone truly be themselves
was amazing. I will recommend this to everyone, it is an experience that no one can miss. - Dulce Salazar

This made a huge positive impact with my relationship with my daughter. Fantastic life changing experience. I learned so much about myself and others. I bonded with new friends. Learn to know myself first before engaging in a relationships. learnt to accept, love, give love and forgive myself as well as others. inspirational deep seminar . All the trainers are phenomenal, continue to do your purpose. I definitely
recommend this seminar. Thank you -Analaine Dy

This was a very powerful seminar, beginning a healing process that I'm
confident will result in life changing decisions and actions. Thank you Sifu Romain -Allison Jonez


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